The embarrassing life of Sum Ting Wong – Part 2

Today is the school PE lesson. I don’t really like the school PE lesson cause I believe Mr Tan is a bit of a sadist and he enjoys making the boys carry the super thick mattress and running around the bloody tracks. I have been asking my mother to write in to complain about this but she sees nothing wrong with running around carrying mattresses.

“It’s much worse in the army! Toughen up will ya?”

Ya like she has been to the army! Great advice from someone whose only form of exercise is playing mahjong!

Anyway, the only saving grace about PE is that I get to see Karen Chin in her super short shorts. She had killer legs and just about everyone in class has a crush on her. Even the class nerd Ah Ti admitted that he carried a torch for her. Forget it Ah Ti! She’s mine!

Today I formulated a plan to impress her. Before we start our mattress carrying exercise, Mr Tan always make us do some warm up exercises on the tracks. My plan was to do sit ups on the tracks and have Adrian count out real loud a very high number when Karen Chin walk past.

So there I was in the afternoon sun with Adrian holding onto my legs. I tried to conserve energy first so that when she walk past, I would be like superhuman fast. Then from the corner of my eye, I noticed her approching. I gave Adrian the signal and he giggled like a girl. Seriously Adrian, I love you but you got to stop laughing like a bloody girl!

As I saw Karen within a few meters from me, I started to do my sit ups at an amazing speed.

Then Adrian screamed at the top of his voice “Five hundred and seventy three! Five hundred and seventy four! Five hundred and seventy five!”

That stupid idiot! I didn’t ask him to count so high! I said one hundred! Anyway because he shouted so loud, Karen Chin looked over in my direction and smiled. That was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I froze and I wanted to smile back but my mouth kind of opened in an O shape and I froze.

At the moment, her friend Shabnam (nicknamed Uganda Giant) whispered something in her ear and they laughed. I was sure she was saying something about me because Shabnam continued to look in my direction while giggling!

I didn’t know how to react so I just continued with my sit-ups which Adrian continued to count up at a ridiculous number. I signalled for him to stop but he got the wrong idea and counted at an even higher number. The girls continued to laugh and walk away before I gave Adrian a piece of my mind.

After PE, we went to the canteen to get a drink and Adrian asked me to go to his house to play MAFIA WARS after school. I was still angry with him so I told him I had something important to attend to.

When will I get to speak with my princess????