The embarrassing life of Sum Tim Wong Part 3

I finally figured out the mystery of why our class ‘gangster-wannabe’ Chow Chee Beng loves to sit right in front during Miss Ng’s lesson. Basically, Chee Beng is only in school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the time he is in the snookerium in Meridien Hotel. I heard his ambition is to be the national snooker player. I wish him all the best though I think he needs to go through some plastic surgery if he was going to appear on national television. He looks like the fatter version of Xiao Ding Dang’s best friend Da Xiong.

Anyway, I decided to pay close attention to Chee Beng during Miss Ng’s english lesson. As usual, he forced Ah Ti to sit behind as he replaced him at the front of the class. Ah Ti mumbled something and obediently left his seat.

Miss Ng had this habit of sitting on the table in front of the class, and I noticed today. She would cross her leg and through my intense observation, I realized that she would cross and uncross her legs whenever she got excited such as when she was telling us the importance of using good vocabulary such as “laughing like a hyena”.

And purely out of my curiosity to uncover the mystery of “Chow Chee Beng”, I noticed that when she crossed and uncrossed her legs, Chee Beng’s eyes would widen in anticipation. Then I saw it! It was Miss Ng’s lacy black underwear!

So that’s the reason why Chee Beng is paying such close attention to Miss Ng! He’s a pervert! I had half a mind to report this to Miss Ng and take revenge for the time he took my art project and kicked it around class like some football.

But I decided against it cause Chee Beng was basically about twice my size and I was sure he won’t take very kindly to me exposing his ‘hobby’. Well, guess if you can’t beat them you got to join them.

Note to self: Change seat with Adrian during English lessons.