Why men cheat?

I started asking myself this question even when I was at a young age. My mum passed away when I was very young and my dad went on to date many women before settling on the ultimate worst one. Talk about poor taste. You see, he dated several women and one of them was such an angel. She brought me everywhere, was super nice, family-oriented and basically everything you would want in a woman. Ok. Perhaps she wasn’t that pretty. I guess about average looks and figure, but surely my dad would have the sense to marry her?

Wrong! My dad went on to cheat on her with some low class hairdresser woman who always paraded around our flat in her semi transparent nightgown (my first sexual awakening).

Anyway, that didn’t work out for him too and he ended up with my stepmum. To sufficiently describe why she was the worst choice a man could make, would require an entire post altogether.

Fast forward twenty years down the road. I was going out with a woman that most men would dream of. She was a stewardess (SIA), had a heart of gold, loves sex, smart and very pretty. I honestly thought she was the one I was going to marry. But yet I screwed it up big time. I cheated on her twice.

The first time was with a relatively famous blogger. We actually met up to discuss a movie promotion. One meeting led to another but I always made it a point to include other friends when we met up. But I didn’t tell her that I had a girlfriend though. So late one night, when she was drunk, she ended up at my place and we did it.

It was stressful balancing two women and it was no wonder that shortly after, my girlfriend discovered my little ‘secret’. The way she discovered it was pretty amusing. I actually left my computer switched on in the night when I went to sleep. The next morning when she woke up, she was surfing the internet and based on some links from a webpage I was viewing, she managed to find the blog of the girl I was seeing. (talk about intelligence!)

There was a lot of crying, remorse, pain, heartache after that. I guess enough for a man to learn from his mistake? WRONG!

About half a year later, when I was in Indonesia, I cheated on her again. Now at this point, most people  (especially women) would probably shout out the words BASTARD at the top of their lungs. I do agree. I am a bastard. But me being a bastard is not the point. The point is that most men are bastards.

yeah that’s me baby. I’m a fat Bastard.

I have met countless men – from the sweetest, most sensitive, guy next door type, to the playboys, to the filthy rich, desperately poor old men (one even had to sleep in the park), decent looking husbands. All of them have one common trait. They cheat on their wives!

Which brings us back to the question: Why do men cheat? From the way I look at it, about 90 percent of all men cheat. The other ten percent are probably gay or are so hen pecked or busy they don’t have the time or the exposure to cheating. Which is why I say given the right circumstances, most men will cheat.


I believe that the answer is biological. Men are born to spread their seeds. The only way they can do that is to fuck as many women as possible. It’s programmed in us.

SPREAD the love.

Women do not have such a biological obligation. Which is why you will see much lesser cases of women cheating. If they do, it’s mostly because of emotional issues and not physical.

Some people might think it’s just a stupid excuse to fuck around. the truth is this: I never want to fuck around. I never like to fuck around. Till this day, I still regret how I treated my ex girlfriend. But it wasn’t something I could control. Maybe I am weak willed. Maybe I have low self control. Maybe I’m just an asshole.

what an ugly asshole.

But really, if you look at this matter logically and examine this ‘social phenomenon’, you will realize that there must be a better explanation for men cheating. We can’t all be born control-less. We can’t be all born as weak-willed. We can’t be born all as assholes. The world has enough holes as of now.

Think about it.