The Embarrassing story of Sum Ting Wong Part 4

During breakfast today, I reminded Mom never to call me at the school again. I am not sure if she heard me cause her head was buried in Women’s Weekly.

“I think I am suffering from a yeast infection! Yucks!”

Seriously, I don’t know why I am constantly subjected to information like this, especially when I am eating a plate full of scrambled eggs. I basically lost my appetite, grabbed my Ninja Turtle bag (note to self: Need to earn enough money to change the stupid bag!) and headed to the bus stop.

On the bus to school, something ridiculous happened. Bus 73 is always pretty crowded. But I managed to get a seat near the door. I only sat on the seat for like a minute when an old man got on the bus and stood right in front of me. On the rare occasion that I got a seat on the damn bus this old dude choose to stand right in front of me!

I grudgingly got up from my seat and before my butt could unstick itself from the seat, this woman squeezed in and prodded herself on the seat instead!

I was dumbfounded. What nerve!

She had the cheek to say “Thank you ah boy!” She looked like she has just gone to the market and had two big red plastic bags full of smelly seafood. What happened next was pretty amazing. The frail old man shouted at her in some hokkien language which I totally don’t understand. But from the woman’s reaction, I assumed it went along the line of “Why the beep do you want to beep beep beep!”

She replied in China-accented Mandarin “He offered the seat to me! Yes or no ah boy?” She turned to me and gave me one of those sweet innocent smile. I have seen the smile somewhere! YES! Exactly like Pe Pe when she wanted a treat from me.

Before I could even open my mouth, the old man shouted in some hokkien language and then turned to me and spoke softly in hokkien. He flashed a big grin and I realized he had no teeth! Wow! I sure don’t want to be like him when I am this old!

Note to self: Brush teeth at night!!!!

Anyway I assumed he was asking me if the seat was for him. Can you imagine the pressure I got? I finally understood what it felt like to be like Obama! Can you imagine him dealing with tough questions all day long!

I must admit I am the sort who cracks under pressure! I stared at them for while, flashed them a toothy grin, pressed the bell and dashed off the bus! And it’s not even my stop!

And guess what? I was late because of that! Chen Jue Jue the school discipline master chose TODAY to actually meet all the latecomers after assembly. He took one look at me, made some comment about my untidy uniform and said in perfect Mandarin “I want to see your parents!” I was in shock. And when I am in shock, I have a habit of opening my mouth a lot wider than it normally is.

I think Chen Jue Jue must have noticed that because he said “Are you ok? Something wrong with your mouth?” I tried to explain to him the reason I was late but he said coldly “Think of a better excuse next time!” WHAT?! He’s an absolute DH!

I think my mum is going to freak out! God bless me!