The Funniest ‘One Night Stand’ Incident

This happened to me many years ago when I was living a swinging bachelor’s lifestyle. It was parties almost every night. My nights were split between Thai Discos, Dragonfly, Zouk and pubs along boat quay or Duxton Road. Oh there was this other place called Baby Face at Collyer Quay (now Butter Factory I believe) which has long since closed down.

Night of the Funny Incident
Dragonfly @ St James Power Station

So there was this one time when I was in Dragonfly and I met this student from NTU. Let’s call her Chloe. Chloe was in her first year. She had a very sweet face and her body type was a bit on the fleshy side. I think when we started talking, both of us were already pretty high. Very soon, we were sexy dancing and she was feeling me up inside my shirt and I was reciprocating her actions.

Soon enough, we decided to call it a night and I sent Chloe back to her hostel. Obviously NTU was all the way at the Western part of Singapore and I was so intoxicated that if there was a road block, I was pretty sure I would spend a night at the police station and get my license revoked. So I was basically risking my license to get some action!

When I reached her hostel (I think it was Hall 1 or 2), it started to drizzle. We stayed in the car and kind of made out a bit. After about five minutes, she looked at her watch and said she had to go. I half expected her to invite me back to her room but she just gave me a peck on the cheek and went out of the car.

The Funny Incident from NTU
NTU Hall 1

Normally, I would have admitted defeat and driven away, perhaps cursing my luck all the way back home. But this time round, I felt so indignant and horny that I decided to chase after her. Very uncool but what the hell. The small head rules over the big one.

I followed her from a distant and I saw which room she entered. I then called her from my mobile and told her I was at her door. She opened the door and stared at me with a very strange expression of shock and horror.

“You can’t come here.” she whispered.

“I just need to use the toilet for a while,” I reasoned with her.

She thought for a while and let me in. I left my shoes outside her room and went to use her toilet. It was not entirely an excuse because I really needed to go. But obviously I already had some plans in mind. After I have finished using the toilet, I came out and we started kissing. In a matter of minutes, both of us were completely naked on her bed.

Just at that moment, there was loud bang on her door. Both of us were startled and we froze. A few more knocks on the door and a man’s voice boomed, “Open up!” I looked at the girl and I swear I never seen more fear in a person’s expression. She represented the epitome of fear. She whispered in my ear,”My boyfriend. He lives upstairs.”Great! She had lied that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Now, this was an extremely awkward situation since I had only just knew this girl. We haven’t even had sex and now the boyfriend is threatening to come in and possibly bash me up. And from the tone of his voice, he sounded like some commando-trained army dude.

I got up and started putting on my clothes while she remained seated on the bed, cracking her brain to think of a solution. Meantime, the banging on the door was getting louder and her boyfriend was creating a din by shouting continuously for her to open the door. There was no chance for me to hide anywhere because the hostel room was extremely tiny.

Then suddenly, she stood up as if an idea had just struck her. She shoved me inside the toilet. Surely, she’s not going to ask me to hide there? She switched on the lights and I remembered staring at her cute little pubic bush. She was still completely naked mind you, while I was already fully clothed. Even in such times of urgency, I was still the horny bastard.

Funny Pubic Hair Story

The toilet was actually shared between her room and her neighbour’s so one could basically walk over to the neighbour’s room via the toilet. She knocked softly on her neighbour’s door. I think by then, the neighbours were already awake from the commotion created by the boyfriend. The neighbour, a bespectacled Malay girl, opened the door and you could immediately see her eyes widened. In her panic, my dear friend Chloe had forgotton she was still stark naked.

I guess she was too panicky to be embarrassed. She simply asked if I could stay at their room for a while, which the Malay girl quickly obliged. So I quickly crept into the neighbour’s room and we closed the door behind us. Imagine how strange the malay girl must be feeling. In the middle of the night, some strange dude creeps into your room and hides there while your neighbour is having a screaming match with her boyfriend.

I introduced myself and she offered me a seat. That was when I realized there’s another girl in the room. She was the Malay girl’s room mate and she was sleeping in her T shirt and panties. At this point, she woke up and got a shock and immediately covered herself with her blanket. I apologized while her room mate explained to her what was going on.

I had intended to stay a couple of minutes before sneaking off from their main door but I suddenly remembered that my shoes were outside Chloe’s room! DAMN! By now, the boyfriend was screaming his head off. I half expected him to bash into the neighbour’s room anytime. However, that did not happen. Chloe managed to convince him that I was a drunk friend. And I was staying inside her neighbor’s room. I think she also explained I was so drunk I left my shoes outside her room. I think if her boyfriend believed her, he must be an idiot.

Stuck in the room with the two girls, I started to make conversation with them. In fact, after ten minutes, we were chatting like old friends. We continued to talk for almost an hour before Chloe came in and brought my shoes. She signalled for me to go home.

I bid goodbye to the girls and drove home. By the time I reached home, the sun was already breaking and the brilliant sunrise was something I had not witnessed for a while. What a night!