Kill. Marry. Fuck.

For those of you who don’t know where is Movida, it’s one of the clubs @ St James Power Station. This particular venue features Latin music and boasts a more English speaking crowd. It’s not one of my favorite clubs but on days where we aren’t able to get a good table @ DragonFly, we would actually head there.

Club Movida

So there was this particular incident that happened a couple of years back which I thought was pretty funny. I was there with two buddies of mine and we were hanging around the bar area. It was a Friday night and the club was pretty packed. After a couple of beers, we were sufficiently intoxicated and decided to play a stupid game called “Approach the girls”. Well, basically as the name suggests, we have to go up to a girl and speak with her for at least five minutes and then get her contact. The last person who completes the task will have to down a ‘submarine’.

A ”submarine’ is a drink that consists of a mug of beer, with a shot of tequila submerged in it. Basically, you just drop an entire shot of tequila (together with the glass) into the beer and then bottoms up the drink in one gulp.


It’s a very bad tasting drink and I was determined not to lose. I was actually feeling pretty confident because there was this particular girl sitting by the bar that made eye contact with me a few times. She looked like a Filipino and was dressed in a sexy black dress.

I went up to the bar and purposely squeezed beside her, trying to get the bar tender’s attention. I ordered a beer and that gave me a pretty good excuse to stand beside her, while waiting for my drink. I honestly can’t remember how I started the conversation but I remembered that by the time my drink arrived, we were cracking jokes and giggling like school girls.

I was so sure I was going to win the bet because I noticed that my two buddies have not even started talking to any women. Since I had some time, I decided to play this game with her called “Kill. Marry. Fuck.” This is actually one my favorite games to play in a club because it’s actually quite funny and allows you to get an idea of the type of men the woman likes.

The rules are pretty simple. You are supposed to pick three people from the club of the opposite sex. One of them is someone you would want to kill. One you would like to marry. And one you would like to fuck. You are supposed to give the reason for whomever you choose. Why do I think this is a good game? Because if you are truly lucky and have already built up a good chemistry, the girl might actually choose you when choosing the man to ‘fuck’. BINGO then!

So I whispered in her ear,”Hey let’s play a game.”

She replied enthusiastically, “Ok! What game?”

“This game is called. Marry. Kill and Fuck. You are supposed to pick a man from this club. One you would like to marry. The second you want to kill. And the last you want to fuck.”

The woman’s face immediately changed color to a dark shade of black. I noticed the change and asked her what’s wrong.

She stood up from her seat and said,”Who are you to tell me who to fuck?!!” I was a bit stunned by her reaction and proceeded to explain that it’s only a game and make-believe.

She repeated again in a much louder tone,”Who are you to tell me who to fuck! Nobody tells me what to do!” I repeated my apologies and told her once again it was just a joke and something funny. That only serve to agitate her more as she screamed out “Who are you to tell me who to fuck!”

By this time, her voice had grown to such a level that even those standing around us could hear us despite the loud music booming from the speakers. I decided that I had to beat a retreat because I had obviously hit a sensitive spot and there was no point in any more explanations.

So I apologized again and hurriedly left to look for my buddies. By now, my buddies were already talking to two girls respectively, and unlike me, were successful in getting their contact numbers.

Needless to say, I lost the bet and had to down the bloody submarine. I spent the night puking while my buddies had the time of their lives with their new found friends.