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The Girl who took my virginity

Today, I got a friend request from this woman on facebook. I thought her name sounded very familiar but I can’t for the life of me remember who she was until I opened up her facebook page and saw her photo! Lo and behold! That’s the woman that I actually lost my VIRGINITY to. And a flood of memories came pouring back. It seemed like eons ago but yet it also seemed like it was just yesterday.

At that time, I was 19, had little hair (army) and we frequented Zouk like every other day. I believe I was there every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This happened for a pretty long period of time until Zouk got into some drug scandal and had to be closed for a number of months. Very quickly, the Zouk crowd found a few places to migrate to. One was Club Barracuda at the Marina South area, and the other was this quaint little joint called Chaplin’s @ Holland Village.

I remember Chaplin’s with a lot of fondness because I made a lot of friends there and also got crazy stone drunk there many times. You see, there is a 7-11 within a short walking distance from Chaplin’s. And for poor army guys like me, it was a God-sent since we could buy lots of cheap drinks from 7-11, get crazy high before heading into Chaplin’s to party.

So it was at this place that I met Serene. She was one of the most liberal women that I have ever met. At that time, she had this boyfriend (who loves to wear a singlet/tanktopish thing to club – LOSER!), but it didn’t prevent us from hanging out and engaging in some nocturnal naughty activities.

I remembered that I got to know her and her good friend on a Friday night @ Chaplins. My friend had a chalet party the next day. I invited her and was quite surprised that she actually came together with her friend. We drank ourselves silly and became pretty good buddies. I think it was pretty obvious there was a mutual attraction between us but nothing really happened until one night after a heavy night of partying and drinking, she actually invited me to stay over at her place. At that time, I was still a virgin and the excitement of the prospect of losing my virginity was just incredibly nerve-wrecking.

Before that night, we had kissed, engaged in light petting, and done all sorts of naughty things except sexual intercourse. I still remembered there was one time a big group of friends were having dinner in a restaurant. Halfway through the meal, she actually stroke my leg using her leg from underneath the table. And I thought this type of things only happen in the movies. But that was Serene, a real free-spirit and a ‘liberalist’.

So that night, we took a taxi to her house. She actually rented this master bed room in a two storey house, which was shared by a group of dubious looking foreign men. I still remembered when I entered her house, the group of men were watching tv downstairs and all eyes turned and zeroed on us. I can’t imagine staying with a group of lustful wolves. In fact, I was thinking if she ever had an orgy with these dudes in the house.

Once inside her room, very quickly, we striped naked and were engaging in hot passionate petting. Now I was feeling a bit nervous because I had never done it before and porn was not so freely available during those times so I was actually quite worried that I would do it ‘wrongly’ and embarrassed myself. However, my worries evaporated the moment she climbed on to of me and placed my dick into her wet pussy. I remember thinking, “THIS IS IT! I am finally a man now!” HAHAHHAA.

The sensation was overpowering and watching her pair of beautiful C cup breasts bouncing in front of me proved too much. I think I lasted a grand total of 30 seconds? And the worst thing was that I didn’t wear a condom and actually shot inside her! I was actually feeling quite embarrassed about the situation but she just kissed me and hugged me to sleep. I think she must have guessed that it was my first time.

I spent the next few weeks worrying if she would get pregnant. We didn’t talk about it until like a month later. She just told me that I should have warned her before I shot! Serene, I wish I could but it was just too ‘sudden’. We went on to become pretty good friends and the occasional fuck buddy. But we lost contact soon after and I haven’t seen her for at least seven years.

So it was a nice surprise to get a friend request from her from out of the blue. Thanks for the memories Serene (not her real name by the way).