The case of the missing underwear

Some time back, I got to know a regular at Dragonfly. We had a pretty brief fling and I have to say one of the most memorable ones. She’s one of those girls that is super fun to be with and partying with her is never boring. When I knew her, I was actually quite surprised that she already had a long term boyfriend. But yet she was dirty dancing with so many guys. It really makes me question whether relationships are truly meant to be monogamous.

Anyway, this girl (let’s call her Nat) cuts a striking resemblance to this girl:

大 S

I am actually not exaggerating because there are several others who have made the same comment. I do believe she still goes to Dragonfly pretty regularly, even though she’s already married. She’s still as wild as ever.

In life, sometimes timing is all that matters. Sometimes you meet the right woman, but it’s at the wrong time and you miss the chance forever. Some woman you meet may not be the best choice, but it’s the right timing, and you end up with her for good.

So me and Nat used to party together with a big group of friends. She would bring her gal pals and I would bring my buddies. It was always great fun and we would be so high by the time we get home. So the first time I sent her back, she was already pretty stoned out and was sleeping on my lap as I drove her back. Upon reaching her flat, I drove to a quiet area in the car park and woke her up.

We started kissing and engaging in some light petting. She had pretty small boobs (which I don’t really like), but she was extremely wet (which I like a lot). I suggested that I wanted to do it with her in a half joking manner. Without saying a word, she took off her boots and her panties. I was actually pretty stunned by her straightforwardness. No pretending to be coy or trying to act disgusted.

She then mounted on top of me. That sensation was pretty amazing. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the moment. Then within two seconds she let off a scream. I opened my eyes and saw an old lady walking past my car. She was carrying a basket and was on the way to the market. I didn’t realize it was almost six in the morning.

Both of us were too stunned by granny and she kissed me goodbye and went home. I could only smile at the strange turn of events.

I spent the next couple of days thinking about the incident and thinking what a missed opportunity. It was both hilarious and frustrating. So I was pretty happy that she invited me to go to a disco in JB for a party  over the weekend. We would stay overnight at the hotel there and come back the following day. I was really looking forward to it.

Come Thursday and I suddenly got a call from a client about an urgent job to be done in the weekend. The job paid pretty well and on top of that my client was also a friend. I couldn’t turn him down. So it was with a heavy heart that I told Nat that I couldn’t accompany her.

Fast forward two weeks later. We had a big party at Dragonfly again. This time round I was determined to finally ‘finish the unfinished business’.So as usual, we were pretty intoxicated and I sent her back. This time round, I chose another spot in the carpark which was even more obscure. So once again, deep kissing followed by heavy petting.

We then proceeded to the back of the car. She lay down and I as I was about to remove my underwear, her handphone rang, giving us a shock. She quickly got up and took the hand phone from her bag. “It’s my boyfriend!” Her mood changed from horny to panicky in an instant.

She was actually staying with her boyfriend and she was afraid that her boyfriend had already seen her. No amount of coaxing was going to change her mind to stay with me. She was looking around frantically for her underwear and I joined in the search. It was a black G string. Try as we might, we just can’t seem to find it.

Finally, she gave up and decided to return home without her underwear. She kissed me and left.

You know in baseball, the rule is that three strikes and you are out. I guess sometimes in relationships, the same rule applies. After that incident, we seemed to suddenly drift apart and gradually, we both got to know other people and moved on. We still party together occasionally, but I think that chemistry we felt has since subsided.

Three Strikes and you are OUT!