The girl with the long nipple

When I was studying in the university, I got to know this girl who stayed in the same hostel as me. We were both involved in putting up some kind of theater performance for the hall. This particular girl, let’s call her Feline, was not particularly beautiful but she exalts a certain kind of boyish charm. She had short crop hair, an athletic figure and very tanned. I like hanging out with her because she’s just like one of the boys, and I can talk about anything that is under the sun and even the moon with her.

There was once we had a hall party at Zouk. So both of us were there. I thought she actually look pretty good with a white shirt and short skirt. For the firs time, I actually noticed that her legs were slim and very long. Wow!

After many rounds of drinks, we got a bit high and she started asking me weird questions about my past relationship and why I don’t have a girlfriend. I just joked with her that I was gay. And throughout the night, I tried to keep up with this stupid game by appearing to flirt with those guys from my hall.

My pretending to be gay seems to actually make her more attracted to me. Or perhaps it was the alcohol. Somehow she was sending me the vibes that she likes me. After a few more rounds of long island, we were practically stoned out. I was in a bit of a dilemma because a part of me (the horny part) wanted to make out with someone. BUT I have always treated her like a brother so it really felt weird if I were to make out with her.

We left at about 3 and my friend invited us to go his house to hang out. Well, I guess I just got to move with the flow. So me and Feline went to his house and we continued to drink. My friend was nice enough to let us sleep in his brother’s room because the brother was in army at that time. I decided to just let fate do its job.

So me and Feline went to sleep in the brother’s bed. I swear I would have just fallen asleep if she didn’t keep asking me about the gay question. She said she didn’t believe I was gay and she wanted to prove it. I was like,”How are you going to prove it?” And well, she started to stroke my brother. And obviously the wolf in me was let out.

Very soon, we were kissing like sex-starved kittens. I unbutton her shirt and removed her bra at break neck speed. Then I cupped her breasts and was surprised to feel two sharp objects poking at my hand. I looked down and was shocked to see that her erected nipples were extremely long. It was definitely the longest I had ever seen in a woman or a man for that matter. I swear I didn’t know nipples could be that long!

For an idea of it, please refer to this photo: (try to ignore the pornographic element and concentrate on the length of the long nipple)

long nipple
long nipple

In fact, I must say her long nipples were even longer than this one in the photo. So you can imagine how intrigued I was as I spent the next minutes playing around with it, almost like a little boy with a brand new toy.

I was so intrigued that in the end, we actually didn’t do the deed. I fell asleep soon after and when I woke up, she was already gone. Unfortunately, things between us were just too weird after that night (not because of the long nipple though). We could no longer go back to being the buddies we were and slowly, we drifted away. but memories of the long nipple will forever be etched in my mind.