Rape Me!

What would you do if you were about to have a sex with a girl and she suddenly shouted at you “RAPE ME!”.

Many years ago, I got to know a woman from a club along Mohamed Sultan Road. For those too young to remember, Mohamed Sultan Road was a popular stretch of pubs and small clubs that was swarmed with party goers in the weekend. Clubs like Madam Wong and Wong San’s were so packed that queues literally snaked all the way onto the roads.

Mohamed Sultan Road

So I got to know this girl from a club known as Newsroom. Don’t ask me why the place was called Newsroom. Have to be one of the worst names I can think of for a club. Anyway, this particular girl that I got to know (let’s call her Claire) had one of the most beautiful face I have seen on a woman. The only thing was that she was a bit on the fleshy side. But I could deal with that since I have always preferred women with a bit of flesh than the stick-thin ‘modelly type’.

We actually arranged to meet up the next day at this club called Double O (actually very surprise that this club lasted till today). Claire was an ex stewardess with United Airlines and she lost the job due to the 9-11 incident. She had probably started putting on the pounds after leaving the job.

Inside Double O

Initially shy, she warmed up after a few drinks. We started playing five ten and she kept losing. She took small sips from her glass and I kept complaining that she’s cheating. After about six to seven rounds of continuous egging on by me, she said,”Want me to prove it?”

She then took a large gulp of Vodka Ribena, leaned over to kiss me and let the Vodka flow into my mouth. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised as she was relatively reserve through the night. I was pretty sure I would get some action in the night.

At the end of the night, I was actually very high (what’s new). I told her that she had to send me back because I was too drunk. She agreed without much hesitation.

Once we entered my room, we kissed and she began to remove her clothes. She then folded them neatly and placed them on top of my table. I could sense she was a kind of neat freak. She then proceeded to give me a mind-blowing blow job. I was standing up and she was actually kneeling down in front of me. After several minutes, she looked up at me with her doleful eyes and said, “Want to fuck me?”

Maybe it was her air stewardess training but the way she said those four words were so polite and yet so ‘dirty’. How could I resist such advances from a beautiful woman? Before I could reply, she shifted her position and lied on her back, legs spread open like a bitch in heat.

I got on top of her and kissed her. She whispered in my ear, “Rape me!” I was taken aback. I mean I have seen enough porn to know that some couples do like to do some kind of rapist-victim role play but it was the first time I had heard of such a request.

“Huh?” I muttered.

“RAPE ME!” she almost screamed out.

I was stunned for a couple of seconds before replying meekly, “How?” I was such a wimp!

“Tie me up. Do you have a rope?” This was getting kinky. But how the hell was I to find any rope in my house! The only rope I had ever used was when I was in the army. I can’t even remember the name of the rope. Togo rope?

I cracked my head to think of where I can find some rope in the house. I looked around me. Bingo! The string used to fasten my bolster case! That would do! I grabbed my bolster and started to untie the string. I can imagine how comical it looked. A beautiful naked woman lying on her back, legs spreadeagled in front of me and I was holding onto my bolster, struggling to untie the bloody bolster! Classic!

Funny Bolster with Strings

Finally, I managed to unfasten the string and I tied up both her hands. I actually asked her if I should put on a condom since I was going to ‘rape’ her! Yes, I am a complete loser! She actually replied yes. So after putting on the condom, I fucked her as hard as I could, trying to simulate a real rape scene. She did play along with the occassional soft moan of “NO! Please Don’t!”

I was actually very aroused and didn’t last that long.We lied there for a while, held in a warm embrace. After about five minutes, she got up and started putting on her clothes. It was at this time that I actually noticed that she had a very thick growth of pubic hair, almost comparable to the girl with the smelly pussy. But credit to her, she had a very nice smell. In fact, I have to classify her as one of the best sexual experiences I have had. In fact, till now, she is the only woman to have said to me “Want to fuck me?” and “Rape me!”.

Try it with your girlfriend. It’s actually very stimulating.