What is the Price for a Virgin?

I just read an article about a New Zealand teenager who auctioned off her virginity online for more than $32,000 dollars. You can read the article here.

I am  amazed by the ‘entrepreneur spirit’ of this 19 year old girl but I am even more baffled at how much people are willing to pay to have sex with a virgin.  According to the report, there were more than 1,200 bids. What exactly lies the kick in having sex with a virgin? For sure, it can’t be the pleasure since she’s inexperienced and most definitely not going to be good in bed.

Is it because we want her to remember the experience forever? Or is it because we are so desperate to go where no men has gone before?

I for one have no interest in taking a woman’s virginity. This is especially so when I have no real feelings towards her. I think the first time is always something a woman will remember forever and I just feel it’s not right to be carved in her memory if the relationship was not something serious.

I remember many years ago I got to know this girl called Alice who was studying in NTU at that time. I knew her in a club and found out that she was actually from the same Junior College as I was. I got to know her at Chaplin’s and on that very night, she actually invited me to stay over at her hostel. Perhaps she felt an affinity towards since we were ex-schoolmates!

So that night, I went back with her and her room mate (who I must say was actually hotter than her). It felt pretty strange to be sharing a bed with Alice, whom I had just known. Her friend’s bed was just next to us so it’s doubly weird for me. Through a bit of casual conversation, I found out that Alice had a boyfriend before but they had never engaged in any sexual activity. It basically meant that she was still a virgin.

As we proceeded with some kissing, she suddenly whispered in my ear and said she was ready. Instinctively, I uttered,”I am not.” I think she took offense to that and we sort of stopped all forms of activity. In fact, she switched on the lights and we ended up watching a DVD until morning. In the morning, we (together with her room mate) went on for breakfast together near their hostel and we eventually ended up being good friends.

What would you have done if you were in my situation? Or better still, how much would you pay to have sex with a virgin?