10 Ways to Know The Guy is Just Not Serious About You

Have you ever wondered if the guy you are seeing or the guy you have a crush on is serious about you? Do you sometimes think to yourself that it’s so hard to guess if a guy is really serious about you?

Fret not. I bring to you “10 Ways to know the guy is just not serious about you.” Since it’s the end of the year, if your relationship is really going nowhere, then it’s time to move on. If the guy is not serious about you, what’s the point of clinging onto him? You deserve better.

1. After having sex with you, the phone calls and smses dipped considerably. Before doing the deed, you talk to him on a daily basis. But after the first screw, he takes an entire day or two to even reply an sms. Many phone calls go unanswered.

2. He will walk away to answer a phone call and speak in hushed tones when he’s out with you. What is so secretive that he can’t speak in front of you? DUH! He’s speaking with his REAL girlfriend or WIFE!

3. He will only hold your hand when he’s drunk or when you are on an overseas trip with him. Obviously he doesn’t want anyone to find out he’s going out with you.

4. He tells you that the timing is just not right! He tells you a cock and bull story about how he just broke up with his girlfriend and that he is so hurt that he doesn’t want to get into a SERIOUS relationship so soon. If you believe in that, I have only two words for you – GROW UP! There is no such thing as the timing is not right. Do you seriously believe he will tell Angelina Jolie that the timing is not right if she told him that she has a crush on him?

5. He tells you, “It’s not you. It’s me!”. Get this straight. He is just trying to reject you in the nicest way possible. It’s YOU! Do you seriously believe that he thinks that HE IS THE PROBLEM? Get a grip! He’s just not that into you!

6. Whenever you meet him, it’s always at a club getting drunk or at a hotel (insert any other locations) to have sex.

7. He never brings you to meet his parents or family members. Bringing a girl to meet his family members signify his intention about being serious in the relationship. So if you have known him for six months and he makes no mention of bringing you to meet his parents, you can be sure he’s just not that serious about you.

8. He prefers to meet up with his buddies to watch soccer and get drunk than go out with you. Yes, he’ll tell you that he needs his space and his guy outings. But if it happens every weekend, then he’s definitely more serious about his buddies than you.

9. He doesn’t remember your birthday or any other significant anniversaries. Most likely, he’ll give an excuse to say that everyday with you is like a valentine’s day or a birthday. Do you honestly buy that crap? If he can’t even remember your birthday, do you really think he’s serious about you?

10. When he tells you that “He’s not the marrying type.” or “I am not really into long term relationship.” For once, trust him. He REALLY means what he says.

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