The Unfiltered and Honest Thai Disco Review

Summary about Thai Disco

So what exactly is a thai disco. I would say it’s not exactly a DISCO in the strictest sense of the word. But it’s more a bar with a live band and many thai hostesses. The band consist of thais and some local musicians who will play thai songs. But increasingly I am seeing the band playing more Chinese and Western music.

In the thai disco, thai girls (but also increasingly more Viet, Koreans, Taiwanese, Malaysians and locals) will accompany you by drinking, talking and playing dice or other finger games (not the sexual type please) with you. In exchange, you buy them flowers that range from 30 to the thousands. You can also buy ladies drink and the thai girls will take a commission from that.

From the customer’s perspective

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Patrons who enjoy going to Thai Disco normally like the Thai Culture. The Thai girls in general are very service oriented and they are very experienced in hooking and making guys fall in love with them. While the girls are obviously also human and can fall in love, the chances of a thai disco hostess falling in love with her customer is as good as striking lottery. Please understand that they here to first make money and most of the time, they will have a Thai lover waiting for them back in Thailand.

Thai Discos are good for people who like to enjoy live music, look at pretty girls and enjoy the company of pretty girls. For those who like hanky panky, Thai Discos are not a good place as it’s fairly open and the thai girls do not like to engage in too much hanky panky in case other customers see and get jealous, thereby reducing the amount of money they can earn.

Most of the Thai girls know very limited English. Those whose english are better are the ones that have probably worked in Singapore or Malaysia before.

How much to tip

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On average, the minimum flower is 50 dollars. The girls will normally be up on stage for about 3-4 times in one night. As a general rule of thumb, if you buy the 50 dollar flower, it will only be good for one round. The girl will likely try to find another customer or psycho you to buy either round of drinks or another flower when she goes on stage again.

There is no real hard and fast rule on how much you should tip. But I find it most cost effective by skipping the first round when the girl is on stage. That will ensure she stay with you for another round and you tip her accordingly depending on her service level or how much you like her.

I have seen customers engage in a ‘bidding’ war for a girl and I find it pretty ridiculous. Firstly, please have some emotional mastery. There are a lot of girls out there. You really don’t need to be so madly infactuated with one. And the point of trying to outbid another guy is merely your ego at work. It has no semblence on how the girl feels about you. I have seen enough cases of guys buying so much flowers for the girl but the girl just stays with the guy who buys her the minimum 50 dollars.

I sometimes find it more effective to buy the girl a ‘waterfall’. This is the flaming ladies drink that cost on average 65-75 dollars. Firstly, you are actually paying for something concrete instead of some stupid banner ‘flower’ that basically does nothing. Secondly, the girl will get a bit more high and that allows her to be less inhibited and more fun in general. Thirdly, the whole flaming fire thing just generally gets a lot more attention and hype up the whole atmosphere a lot more. Lastly, the girl will remember you better cause you are a little different from the other customers.

From the thai girls perspective

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From the thai girl’s perspective, working in the thai disco is better than working in the gentleman’s club in Thailand. For one, the money is of course better for most of them. Secondly, inside a thai disco, they are able to choose their customers. In gentleman’s club or in KTVs, the customers are the one who choose them and they usually wont be able to reject the customers.

The length of time they spend at your table is generally proportionate to how much you are willing to tip or spend on them. Of course as you become a regular, she might enjoy your company and spend a bit more time at your table especially when the night is not particularly busy.

The more street-smart girls know that they have to make the guy ‘fall in love’ with them to earn more money. Those not experienced will likely just try to go for a ‘quick kill’ and extract as much as possible from the customer for the night.

As you become the regular of the girl, she might initiate going out for supper or dinner with you. This is again usually a strategy of making you fall deeper in love with them so as to get the maximum return of your money. But having said that, you just need to be able to control your emotions better and know it’s just a game. And if you enjoy her company, going to dates with them can be pretty fun. Also, you can afford to be a lot more physical with them when you are outside the club.

Some Tips for Thai Disco Cheonging

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When you first enter the thai disco, many girls, especially those without table, will come to you and ask if they can drink with you. If you don’t like the girl, please tell her NO firmly. But do it with a smile. Don’t have to be rude about it. If she spends her time at your table, it’s only fair that you should tip her with a flower or drink. Don’t be an asshole and let her spend time at your table without tipping. 

If you fancy a girl, a simple eye contact, and a smile will most likely bring her over. If not you can always wait for her to go on stage and get her the minimum flower for her to come to your table. Ideally, you might want to wait for all of the girls to go on stage before making a decision.

Girls inside a thai disco will allow hugging, holding of waist, holding hands and light kisses. French kissing and touching of boobs can be done but it really depends on the girls. Please don’t be an asshole and force yourself on her. Your 50 dollars is not that big a deal. If you want to touch, go to dirty massage joint or a ktv.

Lastly, let me repeat. Most of these girls are here to make money. Recognize that. They are experts at giving FAKE indicators of interest because only with your interest can they get more flowers and tips. This is the nature of the business. Control your heart. Know your boundaries. I have seen too many friends and acquaintances fall prey to these girls and lost not just money but suffered greatly emotionally. Don’t be stupid. Learn to play the game well.

Top 3 Recommendations

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My top three recommendation would be:

  1. Club 9.1 Sophia Rd, Singapore 228149. Girls quality are good. Generally Fun. Good mixture of Thais, and Koreans. Taiwanese and Viets are not that good looking. Waiters are friendly and bouncers professional. Band Quality is pretty good. Playability of the girls in general are quite ok.
  2. Icon 2. Parklane level 4. Girls quality are good too. A more friendly and rowdy environment. The bouncers behave a bit thugishly at times especially if you are not a regular. The place is small and quite crammed. Waiters are friendly. The happy hour prices are one of the lowest in all thai discos. Can be as low as 88 for three towers.
  3. V6.100 Sultan Plaza, Singapore 199001. Girls quality average but very spacious and the girls will try their hardest to please. For those who like Viets, this would be a good place to check out as well as the viets in general are higher quality. Playability is higher here. Have seen a number of breast squeezing and cunt rubbing going on.

So there you have it. My unfiltered and honest review about thai discos in Singapore. Hope you find it helpful. And cheong safe!