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The Unfiltered and Honest KTV Review

Summary about KTV

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When I mean KTV, I am refering to those joints that have hostesses working in it, not the family type karaoke joints. Generally, ktvs are frequented by mostly men. The basic concept is similar to a family karaoke joint, except for alcohol and women. The women working in the joints are mostly from China and Vietnam. In some joints, you may even spot a local Singaporean. There are thais as well but they are mostly working in KTVs serving Japanese businessmen.

In most of these places, there is a mamasan or papasan (depending on the sex obviously) who serves as the manager of these girls. She will bring the girls to the room, and market her girls to the customers, and also settle any disputes between girl and customer. Disputes frequently come about when girls take too long to ‘go toilet’ (a term that girls use when they room hop) or if they don’t allow certain physical activities that the customer wants.

The girls will generally accompany customers by chit chatting, singing songs together, and will allow varying degrees of physical contact, ranging from a simple holding of hands to hardcore sex. At the end of the session, the customer is expected to pay tips to the girls ranging from 30 dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the joint and also the physical activity that you have done with the girl.

From the customer’s perspective

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Happy hour is much more affordable compared to night hours. Happy hours usually start at 5pm and last till 9pm. But there are some joints that actually start as early as 2pm (YSH). The prices during happy hour is about half the price of the night hours.

Generally, the joints with China girls are less ‘heong’ (daring) than the joints with the Vietnamese girls. The Chinese hostesses will chit chat, play dice, finger games and sing songs. I guess I would consider them as hostess in the traditional sense of the word. Light kisses and hand holding and hugging are generally ok. French kissing, grabbing of boobs and other areas are probably pushing it a bit too much but it really depends on the girl. Generally speaking the more beautiful the girl is, the less she would be willing to do. The uglier ones will probably have less customers so would have to do more things in order to hook the customers.

The joints with Vietnamese girls are generally more ‘heong’. I guess this is in part due to the fact that they can’t really communicate as well cause of the limitation of language so have to make up for it in other areas. Many of the Vietnamese girls will strip topless, do hand jobs, ‘mount’ the customer (sort of like sitting on top of the customer in a cowgirl style). Most will go as far as doing blow jobs and have sex with the customers. The price ranges from 100 – 300 depending on girl and what the customer wants to do.

Sex can also take place in the room although you will probably have to pay a small tip for the waiter to ‘guard’ the room. Some joints like k2 actually take place in the toilet. A phrase of ‘want go toilet?’ becomes a secret code for ‘want to have sex’? The actual deed happens inside the female toilet for the handicap. But recent raids at the joint have probably seen less of such activities.

Some joints also do not have a mamasan or papasan. The good thing for the customer is that you don’t have to fork out the mandatory 50 dollars tips for the mamasan. The bad thing is that it can be quite chaotic and there’s really no one to complain to if there are some disputes between the customer and the girls. And if the customer wants to be an asshole and not pay the girl tips, she will basically just have to suck thumb.

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Many of the China joints at peace centre run without any mamasan. Most of these girls are freelancers or on student visas. So the girls basically work on their own free will and they will go to each individual room and say something along the line of “Can I sit with you?”. Because there are no mamasan to ‘manage’ these girls, some of the more desperate (uglier) ones would actually try to force her way into the room and plunge herself beside the customer. They have already mastered the art of ‘thick-skin’ to the extent that they can basically turn ‘nos’ into ‘yes’. But ultimately even if they manage to plunge herself down beside the customer, whether the customer decides to tip her or not solely depends on the customer.

Because of the lack of a mamasan, things can get quite chaotic during billing as well. So some girls actually miss out on collecting the tips from the customers. While I strongly advocate that you should pay as long as the girl sits with you in the room, there are times when the girl sit in so many rooms that she forget or is unable to turn up while the customer is paying the bill.

If you find that you have good chemistry with the girl, you can also initiate a ‘booking’ with her so that she doesn’t need to ‘butterfly’         (room hop) and will spend the entire session with you. In a place like Jade or China Doll (Peace Centre), the price for a booking is 150. This price is also similar to the Viet joints as well.

From the hostesses perspective

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I find the girls working in ktv as one of the most jaded. I actually feel for the girls especially the not so pretty ones. I can’t imagine every single day stepping out in front of the customers, and being examined and evaluated based on your looks, facing endless rejection. It must be pretty soul crushing. On top of that, repeating the same conversations over and over and over again got to give a new definition to the word mundane.

These girls come to Singapore mainly to make money. Similar to thai girls working in thai discos, they will try to get you to fall in love with them so that they have repeat customers. But a lot of these ktv girls actually offer sex. More so than the thai girls actually. These girls can easily make six figures per month. Please play with caution and control your feelings. Falling in love with a ktv hostess is probably one of the worst thing you can ever do in life.

Top 3 Recommendation

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For playability: Starlight KTV, Cuppage Plaza. This is a Vietnamese joint. In terms of quality of girls and playability, this is probably the best in Singapore at the moment. Joint is also quite classy in terms of renovation. Girls generally can play but probably not as fierce as club tycoon where girls are almost automatic in terms of stripping off their tops.

For budget: Happy hour at Jade KTV, Peace Centre. This is a China joint. High number of young china women dressed in skimpy outfits. No extra costs to pay tips for mamasan. Tips for the girls are 20-30 dollars in general. Girls quality are generally pretty decent.

For ‘FIERCE’ mode: Tycoon KTV, Orchard Plaza. Almost every girl will automatic take off top, show boobs, grind, and touch the man’s dick. Enough said.

Happy cheonging.